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Trying to obtain financing for tow trucks and other specialty purpose commercial vehicles¬† doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are some options available to make the lives of business owners easier, and help them get the funding they need to take care of major projects that will grow their presence.

This is why the Specialty Vehicle and Equipment Funding Group from Eastern Funding exists. We want to ensure that you have great options available to take care of the projects that are important to your own business growth. We are a subsidiary of Brookline Bank, one of the most stable and prestigious financial institutions in the country, so you have the peace of mind that working with us will be reliable and in the best interests of the business.

Financing options abound

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Seeking out a financing plan for a specialty vehicle leaves you with many options. We not only offer a wide range of financing for many different types of vehicles, but these options are fit to work with a number of different business types. Your business’ plan will have choices that are best for you, not best for the general industry.

  • The towing industry is covered by our plans, so if you are trying to purchase a flatbed, light wrecker, heavy wrecker or a self-loader, you can turn to Specialty Vehicle for financing.
  • Businesses that work with emergency vehicles also have the option of working with us, as our representatives specialize in EMS vehicles and ambulances.
  • It is possible to get a plan fit for you to acquire shredding equipment, as well as other related machinery.
  • Transportation options such as buses, pupil vans and wheelchair vans are also covered by our financing.

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