Welcome to Eastern Funding.

As one of the country's leading business finance companies in the coin laundry, convenience store, and dry cleaning industries, Eastern Funding is listed as the 36th-largest bank-owned leasing and financing company in the nation. Committed to empowering small business owners, Eastern enables entrepreneurs with nearly 100 years of financing expertise and a wide array of commercial financing products that help businesses succeed.


With tens of thousands of independently owned businesses nationwide, laundromats supply an indispensable service to their communities. Each owner manages numerous financial responsibilities, making financing a beneficial option for many businesses to maintain or improve their facilities.

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Dry Cleaners

A constantly evolving industry since the 19th century, dry cleaning continues to be essential for many households. Given new requirements and improving technologies, owners of these businesses can seek financing options to meet their varying management needs.

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One of the most individualized business structures, grocery and deli markets are representative of hundreds of store types. Given the uniqueness of their offerings, these businesses often also need distinct financing options.

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Vendor Services

From equipment manufacturers, distributors, and dealers selling commercial equipment to business owners purchasing equipment, financing can provide the capital necessary for the large equipment acquisitions of today’s market.

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Specialty Vehicle and Equipment

Whether it be purchasing a specialty vehicle such as a tow truck or new capital equipment to enhance productivity, companies can apply for financing to keep their businesses on the cutting edge with Eastern Funding’s Specialty Vehicle and Equipment Group.

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Car Wash

With options ranging from automatic rollover washes to self-service washes, full-service washes, and more, owners of car wash businesses have many decisions to make. An intentional financing solution can provide the support needed to bring an ideal business model to life.

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