Unlock the value of your business’ equity by refinancing.

We’ll help you do it smartly.

There are many potential benefits to refinancing your small business loan or commercial mortgage.

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Debt consolidation
  • Lower interest rates
  • Financing for business projects

At Eastern Funding, we work with you to craft the best refinance solution to help move your business forward.

  • Ability to refinance using SBA loans
  • No hidden fees
  • Multiple refinance options

From competitive rates to financing expertise to top notch service, Eastern Funding is focused on providing business owners a refinancing experience above all others.

What Eastern Funding provides
When an owner contacts Eastern Funding about a refinance plan, they will receive a wealth of information that can help them get moving on the project.

  • We can provide a checklist that will help you prepare for the process of refinancing the business.
  • Both the Eastern Funding credit application and personal financial statement form will help you to get the process moving.