Sales Team

The Eastern Funding Sales Team

We build customer relationships that last over multiple transactions and years. This begins with our sales team. From the moment we say “Hello” to when we say “Thank you for your business”, you have a dedicated salesperson who serves as your main point of contact at Eastern Funding. We live and breathe business financing and work tirelessly to help our customers obtain funding for their projects within the industries we serve. Our loan officers help customers navigate complex transactions making the process simple and seamless.

Sales Team

Mabel Jimenez
Senior Loan Officer
Angela Lim
Loan Officer
Easter Funding
Jennifer Lujan
Loan Officer
Kirk Stone
Senior Loan Officer
Jennifer Whitney
National Business Manager

Sales Support

The sales support team assists our sales team with transaction and helps to ensure that vendor and customer relationships are fully supported. In other words, they're here for you too.
Noelia Baez-Pena
Sales Assistant

In addition to being a Sales Assistant, Noelia is also a Documentation Specialist. Her expertise in helping customers and vendors through the documentation process and prepared for funding makes her an invaluable member of the team. Noelia may be contacted at 646.723.6328

Shaquan Times
Sales Assistant

Before joining the Sales Support team, Shaquan was a Documentation Specialist and helped customers and vendors through the documentation process enabling deals to get funded. Shaquan may be contacted at 646.723.6348 .