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At Eastern Funding, we help entrepreneurs move their businesses forward through our expertise, financing and by being an accessible and invaluable resource. We’ve built thousands of build rock-solid customer relationships.  Hear from some of our customers about how Eastern Funding played a part in their business success.


John Pinnock, Laundry City Laundromat, Baltimore

Brite N Clean Baltimore Laundry Testimonial

Phebean O. – Brite N Clean Laundromat, Hyatssville, MD

Video - Stephen L, Farmingdale Village Laundromat

“Eastern Funding has been key to our success in this industry so far.”

– Stephen L, Farmingdale Village Laundromat

Video - Alex H., Professional Laundry Systems

 “A major factor in the success of our customer’s store was working with Eastern Funding”

 – Alex H., Professional Laundry Systems

Video - Benoit J., New Cassell Laundromat

“Eastern Funding is one of the best financing companies I ever worked with”

 – Benoit J., New Cassell Laundromat

Video - Ralph M., LaundroLux Laundromat

Ralph M., LaundryLux Laundromat

Video - Erik W. 2nd Generation Multi-store Owner

“My father started with Eastern Funding 20 years ago. I’ve been with them for 10. I recommend Eastern Funding because of their quick financing and because they know what they are talking about”

 – Erik W. 2nd Generation Multi-store Owner

Video - Tommy L., Multi-Laundromat Owner.

“Eastern Funding is more than a lender. They are a partner. They gave us the opportunity to do what we needed to stay competitive”

– Tommy L., Multi-Laundromat Owner.

Video - Sterling P., Multi-Laundromat Owner, Equipment Distributor.

Sterling Phillips, Multi-store Owner, Equipment Distributor

Video - Vahe, M.,  First Time Laundromat Owner.

“They understand the business and the business model”

– Vahe M., First -time Laundromat Owner

Customer Testimonial Laundromat Owner.

” I am grateful for Eastern Funding”

– Suzy K., Laundromat Owner

Eastern Funding Customer Testimonials - Various

Various customers tell how Eastern Funding helped their businesses.

Video - Nick S., Luigi’s. Pizzeria

“With Eastern Funding, it’s all about relationships, relationships, relationships.”

– Nick S., Luigi’s. Pizzeria

Video - Sayeed H., Kirmani Mart

“I’ve been a customer of Eastern Funding for 5 years. They are very good people to do business with.”

– Sayeed H., Kirmani Mart